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Design is a Process - What You Should Expect

The kitchen is the heart of every home. If yours is ready for updating, you should consider hiring a designer to avoid costly mistakes. A professional designer who understands all the components of a kitchen (or any room) is essential for a successful outcome. The ability to configure the space and layout is the foundation for a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Whatever your needs are, Essence Design Build can guide you through the process. Be prepared to answer questions about what you like (or don’t like) about your space. Bring photos of your home and pictures that reflect your vision. Be flexible and open minded when it comes to the designer’s input. As trained professionals, they will be more familiar with what is possible.

Before you begin, it’s helpful to understand the stages of the design-build process.

Preliminary Stage - getting to know you, your needs, wants, budget, and timeline. Be clear and realistic about your goals. Your designer can assist you with these decisions and explain a realistic timeline.

Creative Concepts Stage - It is during this stage that you will start selecting door styles, fixtures, and hardware. After one or more meetings, we can prepare a general concept rendering. At this point, they ask that you sign a design agreement.

Detail Development Stage - after signing a design agreement, we will complete the design plan with finishes, lighting, hardware, plumbing, electrical, etc.

Construction stage - When the design is complete and approved, we order the materials and schedule the work, including engaging appropriate sub-contractors. You will be kept informed of our progress on a weekly basis. We’re always available to answer any questions or concerns.

Punch List stage - At the conclusion of the construction phase, we will ensure that everything has been installed to your satisfaction, and all systems are functional. We want you to be happy!

Ready to start your remodeling journey? Click the orange button and schedule a consultation with our expert designers.

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