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What can I expect during the design and build processes?

Home remodels have two major phases – planning and execution. Take your time during the planning phase to keep your project on time and on budget.


We will discuss this step in-depth in the first meeting. After the initial free consultation, we will provide a rough draft design. If you agree with the design and budget, we ask you to sign a design agreement. We will finalize the design for your approval.  Once approved, we order materials, schedule the sub-contractors and obtain necessary permits.



  • Demolition: This is the first step of construction when we prepare your home to the next phase.

  • Construction: Be prepared for temporary disruption.  Keep the results in mind – we're working hard to build your dream home.

  • Cleanup: In this final stage, we will remove all the dust and debris and leave your home sparkling and ready to enjoy.

How should I prepare for my first consultation with Essence Design?

  • We’re delighted to offer a free consultation prior to each project. We will send you a new customer form, please complete and return that in advance of your appointment.

  • Be sure all decision makers attend the meeting to avoid delay and miscommunication.

  • To prepare for your consultation, please do the following:

    • Bring photos of the space that you want to upgrade and gather images that represent your vision.

    • Use inspiration websites like Houzz or House Beautiful. Create a Pinterest board and pin images as you find them.

    • Determine a realistic budget. We will work with you to choose cabinets and materials that work for you.

    • Bring architectural drawings, if you have them.

I’m working with another designer, can I still use your construction services?

Yes, absolutely!

I’m working with another contractor, can I use your design services?


Can I just buy cabinets from you?

Of course!​

Tell me about your design services.

  • We offer several levels of design

  • Basic design – cabinet layout

  • Full project design – space planning

  • Drafting services – required to obtain permits

What are the price ranges of your cabinets?

​We carry all quality levels and prices range from economical to high end.

What timeline can I expect for my kitchen project?

Factors such as scheduling meetings with your designer and choosing materials are within your control. We strongly encourage you to take your time making these decisions.

Most of the cabinet lines we sell are made to order and lead times can range from as little as 5 weeks to as long as 14 weeks.

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