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Full-Service Design Team

Our design and build experts are here to help you find the best options available for your space and budget.


  • We will pull your ideas into an executable concept, develop plans, and take care of all the technical work.

  • Our interior designer will help you select the lighting design, textures, colors, furniture, and any finishing touches. 

  • Our in-house structural engineer will make sure the finished design is functional and safe.

  • We'll even submit the plans to the city for you and make sure everything gets delivered to your door and installed properly. 

Why You Need a Professional Designer

​With the help of a designer, you can 

  • avoid the stress of having to manage the vendors and contractors yourself

  • stay within your budget

  • avoid unpleasant surprises and costly and time-consuming mistakes

  • get the most out of your space

  • enjoy a smoother, more efficient installation and construction process

  • lower the cost of the project in the long run

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